what do you need?


do you need to take more in?


give more out?





be aware of what you soak up 


it will affect you


what you do 


how you do it

you can’t only soak up what you want 


what will you do then?

be aware of what you’re in 


where you are


what you give out

your continuous merge


the recipes should not be obvious to anyone


not even yourself


looking back you do not understand how you made it


you can never make it again

you shouldn't try


notice how you shake 


what is your rhythm?

is it your natural rhythm?


can you change it?



how does the new vibration feel?


stop shaking
to feel
memory of a shake

do you feel it?

have you felt it?

just because they tell you

doesn’t mean you know


even if they repeat it


in between point A and point B

there are flowing juices




the juice is where the treasures are


move slowly to discover the treasures in the juice 


drink some juice


you may or may not understand the meaning of the treasure

your interpretation of the treasure is your own

you may never know for certain if you found it


but you will taste the juice. 

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